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Bernies Roadshow Music Policy on FOUR LETTER WORDS and other explicit lyrics.


We at Bernies Roadshow are concerned about the content of songs, such as the increasing amount of FOUR letter words and other explicit lyrics

Bernies Roadshow has a strict music policy of not playing music with explicit lyrics, wherever possible, because we feel it is so unnecessary to have these words in a song. We decided that playing songs with this sort of content is not a good thing to be played to our children and even to some types of adult function.

Therefore it was decided to either edit or just not play these songs, we all know what the word mean but to have a little Child of 4,  5 or 6 yrs old shouting some of these words we find to be totally unacceptable. 

On a personal not I fail to see why some of these artist need to add FOUR letter words and other sexually very explicit lyrics to songs, the only thing I can think is, if they didn't they would never sell the songs.


 Thank you


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