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  A bit about Old School Discos

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We at  Bernies Roadshow are always trying to think of something new: Recently we have had a number of enquiries by older people (well maybe) for an old style school or youth club disco, well mainly the over 45s when disco and music came on vinyl and loud !! well we can cater for the loud or the quiet, but sadly not the vinyl. shame i hear you cry.!!  It doesn't matter how old you are, if you prefer the older music and you want to have just a good old fashion old school disco and maybe relive the music from your youth! if you want a bit of new music added in, it's not a problem, you tell us and we'll get on and play it for you!!  Below are just a few of the many styles and types of music we can play:- 40s swing, 50s, 60s, Motown, Northern soul, 70s disco, 70s heavy rock, Glam rock, jazz funk, Reggae, 70s/80s soul, 80s, 90s, house, club, todays music. See anything you like?

a few pretty lights


the front of a show being set up

Your D.J. will as with all functions discuss in advance any special requests, announcements or other details that you would like him to do or include on the evening. 

oops up side your head

Our equipment can be adapted to fit most sizes of venue from the very small e.g. lounge to the extra large. To view our picture gallery Click me picture library this way

As you can see from above our music catalogue is vast it stretches back to the 40s! but mainly we play from the 50s onwards. we usually play for a mixed age group, some people like to have a cut off point (years) e.g. say nothing really past 1990 but only because of the age group or unless we get requests for a bit newer music.

a small show for a small roomWe are happy to play background music, while your guests arrive sometimes they are unpredictable 7.30 start often means 8 or 8.30. more pretty lights


We've found it necessary to have a music policy in light of some of today's unnecessary lyrics:


Oh yes and before i forget: We don't do KARAOKE ~~~~~ SORRY

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