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The most common Frequently asked questions about Weddings

Q: If Bernies Roadshow doesn't have the song/s that I want, can you get it?
A: Yes, as long as we have two or more week notice prior to your wedding or special occasion, the song can be acquired or you can give us the CD on the night.
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Q: Do you have all of the equipment necessary?
A: Yes, Bernies Roadshow is well equipped with high quality sound equipment, including a PA system, speakers, microphones, CD players and digital music.
Q: Do you require any additional items for your DJ set-up?
A: Yes, Bernies Roadshow will require one or two tables depending on size (for equipment). Also, Bernies Roadshow will require that the table/s are within 10/20 feet of an adequate electrical supply.
Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: NO, Bernies Roadshow does not accept credit cards because of expensive processing fees. We have no plans to do so. However, we do cash, personal cheques, or any combination of both for payment but must be covered by a bankers card.
Q: Do you provide lights?
A: Bernies Roadshow comes complete with disco lighting for your evening wedding party.
Q: Does Bernies Roadshow provide a Master of Ceremony services?
A: NO, Bernies Roadshow does not but can suggest a Master of Ceremony if needed.
Q: What styles of music do you play?
A: Bernies Roadshow has an extensive music library, this allows us to play diverse styles of music that are proven to provide an entertaining and engaging party atmosphere. Ultimately, this is YOUR wedding or event and Bernies Roadshow is committed to playing what YOU and your guests want! (we play requests)
Q: Do you do outdoor weddings or events?
A: Yes, Bernies Roadshow does indoor and outdoor weddings and other events. However, we need a flat covered area if playing outdoors. Other restrictions may apply. E.G. contingency plans for bad weather would need to in place.
Q: How far in advance do I need to book Bernies Roadshow?
A: Bernies Roadshow is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Popular wedding dates book very quickly. Please contact Bernies Roadshow as soon as possible in order to ensure your wedding date is available. Booking availability form
Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes, Bernies Roadshow requires a 15 - 20%, non-refundable deposit in order to book the date of the wedding or other event. On Booking, a Booking form will be sent to you, you will need to sign it and returning with your deposit. At this point you can send us an idea of music you would like played.
Q: What happens if I cancel my event?
A: If enough notice is given than the deposit is kept, it you cancel with only short notice then the whole amount could be payable in full. (this may depend on the circumstances)
Q: How long does Bernies Roadshow need to set up?
A: Bernies Roadshow will need on average about an hour to set up the equipment.
Q: How far a field does Bernies Roadshow travel?
A: Bernies Roadshow will travel to where you are having your Wedding. we have been known to travel to Cornwell, south Wales, London, Bristol, WSM. The distance is not the issue its how practical it is from your point of view.
Q: Does Bernies Roadshow carry public liability and is the equipment PAT tested
A: in both cases the answer is yes.

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